About Us

Pine Builders Corporation is, at its core, a family company that has served the community for over 35 years.


Joseph Evenhar, Founder and President, Oren Evenhar, Chief Executive Officer, and Alon Evenhar, Vice President and Director of Operations, bring their unique blend of construction expertise, real estate savvy and compassion for the community to create the foundation of Pine Builders Corporation. We have garnered the expertise to be positioned as a leading construction company in NYC.

Oren, with studies focused in business management and finance, and Alon, an architect, have developed and built an expansive and impressive array of projects in the 5 boroughs from high profile, AIA award-winning residential construction, to supportive housing projects benefiting various communities. Having a full team of project managers, construction supervisors, site safety managers, sales director and architects has allowed us to build and develop some of the most complicated construction projects without compromising timeliness and professionalism.

Pine Builders Corporation were formed to fulfill the need for high quality and environmentally responsible housing that will improve our communities.

Our goal is to positively impact the environment physically and socially by building self-sustaining and financially sound developments.

With these goals in mind, The Evenhars are members of the BCA (Building Contractors Association) and the RSA (Rent Stabilization Association) and are dedicated to following the environmentally responsible guidelines set by NYSERDA, LEED, and Enterprise Green Communities.